Our Mission:

To foster programs that enable physicians to form a professional community in the practice of medicine.
To provide opportunities for physicians to participate in the governance and decision-making of health care policies that affect the communities that they serve.
To promote and develop a cooperative working relationship among physicians.
To provide opportunities for physician education and professional development.


The Association of Chinese American Physicians (ACAP) is a non profit professional organization of Chinese American physicians and physicians that care for the Chinese community. One of ACAP’s objectives is to promote quality healthcare through physician networking and professional development.  Since its inception in New York in 1995, ACAP’s national membership has grown to over 700 physicians, mostly from the metropolitan New York and New Jersey areas; we have chapters in Westchester, Philadelphia and Washington as well, among them, over 100 junior members are Chinese Medical Graduates (CMG) who are actively pursuing their dream to become a doctor in United States.


Eastern Chinese American Physicians IPA (ECAP) is a sister organization of ACAP and a for profit medical professional organization of active private practice physicians in New York Metro area with either a Chinese heritage themselves or serve the Chinese population. ECAP was founded in 2005 and has nearly 275 physicians currently in practice in New York City covering all variety of specialties. Learn more about ECAP at www.ecapipa.org.


Achievements and Activities:

* ACAP and ECAP have jointly hosted annual scientific convention since 2005. Each year our convention features an outstanding CME program including updates and innovations in medicine.

* Annual gala and holiday celebrations are joyful social gathering for our members, families, colleagues, and friends. Special guests and outstanding healthcare professionals are honored and awarded for their professional achievement and participation in community services.

* To foster the love of Science and Biomedicine in the younger generations, ACAP had established an annual Science Fair for high school and middle school students to showcase their research projects. Many of our finalists and semi-finalists are accepted into top universities and/or receive awards from other nationally recognized science competitions.

* Community Health Fair featuring free health education talks, one on one physician consultation and health screening provided by many local hospitals is held  annually for over 10 years in Flushing and Brooklyn Chinese Community.

* To help improving healthcare awareness in Chinese Community, ACAP launched Community Health Education Partnership (CHEP) in 2014 to host monthly educational talks at local library and senior centers.

* Hepatitis-B screening with Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Liver Disease specialists as part of the HONE project (Tzu Zhi Foundation, ACAP Health Fairs, Buddah Light Temple, Herald Mission Church) of 295 patients, and we were able to offer free vaccines for patients without immunity to Hepatitis B and referred the hepatitis B carriers to our specialists for further treatment.

* Research in breast cancer (American Chinese Breast Cancer (ABC) project) together with NYHQ, submitted for publication.  Research in osteoporosis screening in Chinese, in process of submitting for publication.

* Seminars for practice management for our members twice a year with focus on clinical outcomes, medical jurisprudence, office coding and billing, accounting basics, marketing and electronic health records.  We have had IPRO, NYC REACH, MSSNY and other organizations lecture to our members about Meaningful Use, Accountable Care Organizations, PQRS, E-prescribe and Clinical Integration.

* Arrangement of mock interviews for the Chinese Medical Graduates division of ACAP which is comprised of medical students, residents and fellows from all over the country annually with participation from program directors and attending physicians.  We have arranged much sought after observerships and research opportunities in many hospitals in NY to better prepare those doctors wishing to enter into US medical system.

* Establishment of channel to help physicians in China to come to US for observership and short term on-site training

* Fund raisings with Asian Bar Association of NY, SUNY Levin Institute, North Shore/LIJ to  help Szechuan earthquake victims; Fundraising for Homecrest Community Centers in Brooklyn – a senior social day care center which helps almost 2000 patients in the Bensonhurst and Gravesend communities.